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Kudumbashree Red Chilly Powder

Rs. 75.00 /250g
Rs. 67.50 /250g
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About the item

This is a unique product which made by the kudumbashree women consortium from kannur district, which is the new initiative of Kudumbashree, State poverty Eradication Mission, Govt of Kerala. Kudumbashree Red chilly Powder is made by treditional goodness of women of kerala. Kudumbashree Red chilly Powder is a perfect partner for your kitchen, it improves the taste of your favorite recepies.Kudumbashree Red chilly Powder processed from organic red chillies and done by rural women, that improves the quality of Kudumbashree Red chilly Powder. You can feel the homely taste of kerala. No color or preservatives were added to the Kudumbashree Coriander Powder and it is flavour locked.

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Tibin varghese
12 months ago
Is this kashmiri chilly ?